Adventures of Plato - the Philosofur Cat

Dead or alive, he's probably in the box. Especially if it's cardboard.

"Nice legs.  Fantastic bouquet.  Well done, human servants."
"Draw me like one of your French girls."
The Philosofur Cat really has that over-the-shoulder model pose down.
Cutest dirty laundry ever.
Meet Rascal! This sweet little nugget is the Philosofur Cat’s new half brother.  His mommy rescued him from the SPCA at 8 months old.  We’re so happy to welcome you home, Rascal!
Unlike most men, the Philosofur Cat has a problem with leaving the toilet seat DOWN after using it.
This is Dunkin (yes, like the donuts, and yes - he is just as sweet as those sugary glazed treats).  Even though as a cat Plato feels a natural aversion towards dogs, we still agree this is one awesome pooch.  It certainly helps that his wardrobe is more expansive than mine (and that’s saying something).  Maybe someday I will get a pic of him in his yellow rain slicker for the blog.  That is a sight to see. 

So here’s to Dunkin.  Keep on doing your thing, little buddy!
Mommy number two recently made a trip to visit The Philosofur Cat in his new home! Hello, Plato!
Winter time cat